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Useful Information and Handy Tips on Office Shifting

Movement of goods, whether you have to take them to a new home or office is no doubt a Herculean task as said by many people. It doesn’t matter what size and shape of packed box you are carrying, in general everything that involves time and money is considered as daunting job. When you have short time period and less money, then you think of taking this challenge on your head, as a result of which you get struck in the middle of the process where nobody can help you out. For the seekers who want some capable hands to share your burden with them, there are movers and packers Mumbai who comes with affordable relocation services of any type that are approachable to every section of the society. They completely understand that your goods are not material things but emotions so they handle them with utmost safety and care.

In the scenarios where you do not have to face the problems by yourself in terms of shifting your commercial or office commodities, there are some hands on practical tips that are beneficial for your physical and mental health are mentioned in details in the next section:

1. Heavy Furniture

Before moving you must understand the layout of your office so to carry out proper arrangements for the same. A rough draft will work for you; it will keep you in comfortable mood especially when you have to pack heavy items just like desks, cabinets, computer hardware parts. An easy way to do this is to decide which desk has to be placed where according to the job profile of your employees so to make the process a hassle free in the later stage. Even you can ask your workers to choose their choice of place for sitting. To ease out more burden from yourself, a draft in excel sheet mentioning the date of moving and other essentialities will be more advantageous to you.

2. Safe Packing

You can make use of old cardboard boxes, used cartons, plastic sheets, bubble wraps, tapes for packing your office goods. This can be done by your employees under your instructions. Making the checklist as per the category of the rooms of will ensure smooth packing, moving and transportation. One coordinator who will guide you through the complete process should always be assigned to keep all the confusion away.

• Effective Communication

Before shifting into the new office you should be aware of the kind of phone connection, internet connection will run fast in the area. In addition to this your fax machine and printer connection should also include in the list for put in order. Get in touch with electrician and plumber to fix wirings for electricity and water.

• Change in Business Cards

With the new office address you cannot run old business cards and letter heads, so along with the change in your confidential documents you also assure that your visiting cards should have new address because it is the medium through which your clients will reach out to you. Make amendments in your official website.

• Systematic Security

Packers and Movers Mumbai strongly believe that your data is very integral part of your business, so if it gets leaked out you would not be able to bear the loss on the cost of storing it again. So, feasible arrangements for proper keys, locks, access cards and hardware that deal in cyber security should be made in advance before moving out of your old corporate office.

• Hiring Authentic Movers

A proficient company of moving service providers know it all, how to do in efficient manner. It is the best idea to always have them in person with you because they can handle each and every situation smartly by setting the deadlines for them. They have the legal permit to do dismantling, packing, unpacking, loading, unloading and reassembling of the commercial commodities.

Thus, you need not worry and doubt on the capability to handle your valuable products by the professional persons. Hope this will help you out in case you want to undertake the process by yourself or hand it over to your relocation company.

Have a satisfied office moving.


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